1) You should probably be a wizard, or at least have a philosopher's stone with which to perform alchemy (so that any element/compound can become another element/compound, with no justification or law of conservation of mass required). Oh, and don't you EVER mix a solution of Unicorn Horn with a solution of Ultrium, this will cause the spontaneous combustion of all matter in the universe! ALL OF IT! Seriously, though: • First off, listen to Cuvi, he's the teacher for a reason (that reason being he knows more chemistry than you do... and some crap about a degree, but that's not as important), and any advice he gives you is going to be good advice. On that note, if you don't get how to do something, ask Cuvi--‐--‐it's kind of his job to help you understand stuff, and nobody will think less of you because you admit you don't get something (if you don't get it, it's more than likely that several others don't either). • Also, DO the summer assignment (and exactly how he says to do it)--‐--‐not only is this a grade, but, if you actually take the time to do it (especially the memorization), I can guarantee you that you'll hit the ground running come next year. • When it comes to any FRQ (be it in class or on the AP test), try to be as concise as possible while still doing the work, and if you don't know how to do one part of an FRQ (the answer to which is used in other parts of it), you can always plug something into a formula to get an answer you can use for carry--‐through. • Needless to say, taking good, quality notes will help with everything, and try to do the problem sets in a sane matter (NOT the entire thing the day before it's due; generally do as much as you can each night given what you went over in class). • Finally, remember that the College Board, Illuminati--‐esque secret society that it is, hates you, and also you should NEVER ionize a solid (except for complex ions, but you'll get to those later) or the AP Gods (and also, possibly, myself) shall SMITE YOU. Good luck, I'm sure you'll all do great! --‐Matt "The Legend" Thomas P.S.--‐I was serious about the Unicorn Horn and Ultrium--‐--‐don't do it! 2) Always do your work on time. Make sure you understand as much as you can before you take a test and do not be afraid to ask questions. Don't get discouraged because of a bad test score. Try your best and have a great year! --‐Daniel Olatunji 3) This course was the most challenging I have ever taken. The work is tedious and fundamentals are difficult to understand. However, I have been exposed to concepts that I would have never imagined existed or would have ever gained knowledge of had I not taken this class. I was able to challenge myself and, despite its ups and downs, the times that this class made me question my intellectual capabilities, the times I found myself wondering why I decided to put up with AP Chemistry in the first place, I would not have gone back on my decision to take this class. It was worth the experience. --‐ Victoria Chavez 4) Laugh at movie references he makes even if you don't understand them. Along with the summer assignment to prepare for the class be sure to know every line in Napoleon Dynamite as well as every SNL skit ever. Also be sure to embrace whatever nicknames he tries to give you. As far as the actual course, make sure you take the time to actually do the homework assignments even if you're up until 2 A.M. If you tend to procrastinate now, don't try to tell yourself you'll stop this year. You won't. So get used to the idea of all nighters. Cuviello will seem crazy at first but is actually a really good teacher so listen to what he says! Good luck! ~Paige Lenczden 5) Mr. Cuviello may suck at grammar and the English language but he really knows his stuff about chem, so listen to him. Actually do your problem set, trying to "pull one over" on Mr. Cuviello hurts no one but you. A lot of people struggle on his first test but just keep your chin up. Contrary to modern belief, Mr. Cuviello does not hate you (unless he really does)! He makes his test so hard to prepare you, you may not be grateful at first but you will be at the time of AP testing. --‐Tiffany Garner 6) Well, I guess you decided to take AP Chemistry; that's great! This class is going to push you to your limits, but it's also going to be great fun! You need to make sure to listen to whatever Cuviello says (no matter how insane) so you can learn everything that's going to be on the AP Tests and try your hardest on his tests, because they will show you most of what you need to expect (like unicorn horns and magic). Also, make sure to do the problem sets and other homework as early as you can or you will suffer the wrath of the Procrastination Gods. Good luck! --‐Bryce Pfeiffer 7) There is no single key to being successful in AP Chem. Success comes through multiple aspects, such as studying, hard work, and determination. Memorization is essential in regards to solubility rules, nomenclature, and atomic charges, to name a few. Those simple tools are the foundation of the course and will get you very far if you master them. Homework assignments should be spaced out across the week instead of being crammed into the night before they are due, since it will allow you to practice the skills learned in class. Good luck! --‐Tyler DeSouza 8) Dear AP peoples, Attendance is vital. Don't be an Alex Perez. If you miss several days during one chapter, you are pretty much screwed unless you can understand the AP chemistry book 100%. You also NEED to do the problem sets. The practice will help you soo much, and don't wait till 10pm the night before they are due to start them. At the start of a new chapter just do 2--‐3 questions a day. The Princeton Review also has some very helpful tips and strategies if you need help with the problem sets. They kind of summarize the whole chapter in 2--‐3 pages. Good luck on your quest to become a master sorcerer of the first degree --‐Stephen Chandler 9) Dear future AP Chemistry students, Congratulations on having made it this far and for earning Cuviello's (or another chem teacher's) confidence in being able to take this course. That being said, prepare yourself for one of the most challenging AP courses available and one of the the three hardest AP exams you can imagine. Do not get discouraged though, as Cuviello is perhaps the most knowledgeable and dedicated teacher you could hope for. Despite its notorious difficulty, AP Chem is absolutely manageable as long as you keep up on the work that is being done and pay attention to what is going on in class. You have several helpful resources available to help you for this class, the most helpful of which is Cuviello himself--‐do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. For the majority of the year, the class will move at a reasonable pace that will not be impossible to keep up with, and the work will not overwhelm you as long as you do not procrastinate. So, work hard, study often, be sure to earn the easy points, ask questions and try to have fun if all else fails, because this class will be much more enjoyable than you think. --‐Matthew Menendez 10) AP Chemistry is one of the hardest and most demanding classes I personally have ever taken. Staying caught up with your problem sets is an efficient way of reducing the stress this class provides. For unit tests, I suggest you go over your notes couple times and make sure you fully understand the examples that Cuv gives you during lectures. These examples are great in seeing what type of FRQs you are going to see on your test. For mulitple choice, you should study the flashcards that Cuv makes you do at the beginning of the unit since a lot of the multiple choice questions are based off of the flashcards. There is going to be times that you feel frustrated and like the class is "impossible" but I assure you that the class is possible and if you put your effort into it, you will succeed in this class. --‐ Maria Vera 11) Stick with it and don't give up. AP chem is a challenge but you're obviously here for a reason. Stay focused and don't slack off with the problem set or note cards (these will save your soul on tests). Cuviello knows what he's doing even if he is a child. The first few tests will make you feel like an idiot and you'll probably feel like crying but he does this to prepare you for the hell that the AP exam is. Oh and make sure you watch Napoleon Dynamite and Austin Powers over the summer (you'll appreciate it). Last thing...watch out for the voice cracks. --‐ Carlos Parada 12) Hello future AP Chemistry students! You've really hit the jackpot by signing up for this class--‐ this is by far the most fun science class I've taken to date, and by far the best AP class. However, that doesn't mean it isn't challenging. Do the memorization in the summer assignment--‐ it may seem useless now, but by the first test you will understand how crucial it is to know all of it. It is immensely helpful with every unit. Also, complete the problem set. Every night. But not all of it. Do enough of each problem until you understand, but leave a few of each problem (preferably some with the answers in the back) to review for the test a day or two before the set is due. This isn't something that I know of anyone else doing, but it worked for me. Speaking of reviewing, take the practice tests seriously. I did them in class on the review day, and that night I went over what I got wrong. These are indispensable resources for you, so take full advantage of them. My final piece of advice is to not stress too much--‐ Cuvi is a great teacher and will have you well prepared for the unit tests and ultimately the AP exam. I have never walked into or out of an AP exam with more confidence and a better feeling of preparation that I did for this class. Trust what he tells you and absorb all the wisdom and assistance you can from him, and you will succeed in the class. --‐Kent Collins 13) AP chemistry honestly is tough if you do not pay attention nor do the homework, but if you do everything Mr. Cuviello says then you will definitely pass the course. No matter what AP chemistry will be a tough course that you take but if you study, try your best, do your homework, and listen in class then everything will be alright. If you do not listen throughout a PowerPoint or miss a day of school, it will put you behind and make a few difficulties because missing a lesson hurts a lot. Mainly pay attention throughout the course and you should be prepared for the exam in the end. Mr. Cuviello is a hilarious guy and still teaches greatly for everyone to understand, one of the best teacher you could of had and very intelligent when you speak to him, so if you have a question do not be afraid to ask he will be surely to answer your question. Whatever you do, do not join the commies side, and H2O and CO2 makes SODA. --‐ Alan Nguyen 14) Many of my fellow classmates will probably give you the valuable advice of: don't procrastinate. While this is the single best way to assure your success in this course the likelihood of you actually abiding by it is highly unlikely. So some more practical advice would be: plan ahead. The night before your problem set is due be ready to not leave your seat for hours on end. You will need to buy a back brace to prevent the development of kyphosis due to being hunched over your textbook. Have your phone handy because you will want to tweet about how "unreasonable Cuvi is for assigning such a large problem set" and of course stay up to date with everyone else's thoughts. Notify all your other teachers that on the day of an exam you won't be paying attention to them but rather going through your princeton and the practice test. In all seriousness this is a very reasonable course and if you listen to Cuvi he will adequately prepare you to be successful. Good luck! --‐Andrew Rennie 15) The first thing I want to tell you is that this class isn’t for the faint--‐hearted. You have to come in knowing you’ll own this class. You don’t want to get owned. The reality is, this class will not be a nice easy class. The only way you’ll learn is by actually doing your homework which is why you get so much of it. Don’t complain because it all has good intentions and is worth it at the end. You have to do it or you’ll end up being clueless. I’m being very blunt and harsh because it is true. It is one of the hardest AP classes in the school. --‐Hussien Mohamed 16) Hello fellow Alchemists and Welcome to the 50th annual Hunger Gam……I mean—AP Chemistry! This class can be a living Heaven or Hell depending on how you handle it, so here are some tips. 1. For those seeking Heaven (which should be most of you): (a) Listen to Cuviello; he knows his shtuff (b) Ask Cuviello questions. He will always answer with his Chem. Nerd Wizardry. (c) Don’t fear failure. School is like skiing, you can be doing great and jumping through all of the right hoops when WHAM you hit a tree, and all Cuviello can do is pick you back up onto your feet, give you a few pointers, and give you a little push back down the hill…Just learn from your mistakes. (d) Get used to seeing questions formatted like this (i) and this (ii) and DON’T FORGET TO CARRY THROUGH YOUR ANSWERS!!!!!!! (e) Do the Practice Tests, they’re super useful. (f) Do the Problem Sets and don’t: (i) save them to the last minute (ii) copy the answers off of one of your classmates (g) Don’t sweat a missing assignment, as they aren’t worth too terribly much, but keep in mind that you’ll be paying for it when the test comes. 2. And for those seeking Hell (the masochists): (a) Never do the problem sets…or even study for that matter! (b) Don’t study. If you’re naturally gifted, you can just ace everything without even needing to study! (but seriously, if Matt “The Legend” Thomas needed to study, then you REALLY need to study) (c) When things get bad (i) try to bribe Cuviello, because that will NEVER backfire! (ii) cry, a lot, sympathy will get you SO far in the real world. Just…Listen, if you do everything right, this class can be AWESOME for you, and even if you mess up a bit, it can still be pretty Incredible. It’s only YOUR actions that can limit you, and that’s what this all really boils down to, because in the end it’s always just a limiting reactant problem…IN DISGUISE! --‐Sincerely Andrew “The Grammarian” McGaha 17) Make sure that you take the class seriously throughout the entire school year and not just the weeks approaching the exam because if you learn something right the first time, reviewing it will be easier. Actually do the homework, labs, try--‐it questions and old practice tests. If you have any questions at all you can bother Cuviello during his planning period or afterschool, basically whenever. You will get the grade/AP score that you deserve! Make sure to study and have an awesome breakfast the day of the exam!! :) --‐Lori Galluppo 18) he advice I would give to AP chemistry students, well, let's see. First off, the workload is not that bad, you might have heard horror stories about this class but its not that bad. I would recommend doing the problem sets as you go which is something I lacked doing towards the end of the year. Doing the reviews legitly and not looking in the answers in the back will definitely help your chances for passing the AP test as well. Last tip is to never give up, just because you do bad on one unit, it doesnt mean you will do bad on the rest. Anyways, Best of luck :) --‐Chad Gaiefsky 19) Don’t downplay studying for tests; that’ll come back to bite you in the butt with your grade and the A.P. Chemistry exam. MEMORIZE ALL SOLUBILITY RULES OTHERWISE YOU WILL DIE. The practice tests that Cuvi will give you are helpful as well, so actually do them. Also, make a point to study lab procedures/titrations every once and a while so that you won’t forget them (they’re important for the A.P. Chemistry exam!!!). If you plan not following any of this advice, ground up some unicorn horn, mix in Matt Thomas’ and Alex Perez’s hair, drink it, and hope for the best. --‐Olivia Sunná 20) If there is one thing you need to know about this course you should've never taken it... HAHA jk you will survive just make sure you complete all homework assignments and if you are confused on ANYTHING make sure you ask Cuviello any questions before and after school. Towards the end of the year make sure you always do the assignments Cuvi assigns for AP review practice. And always laugh at Cuvi's voice cracks. :) --‐ Melissa Papa 21) New AP Chemistry Student, So you like Chemistry huh? Well welcome to a year filled with labs, new knowledge, problem sets, hard work, a few tears, solubility rules, ICE tables, all nighters, stoichiometry, reactions, mental breakdowns, equilibrium, corny jokes, and good old chemistry fun! First things first, DON’T CRY. I know, trust me, there are going to be times where it gets difficult and you start to wonder why you took the course. AP chemistry is a hard class and you are going to get frustrated, it is important to stay positive and have confidence in yourself, (you probably know more than you think). Mr. Cuviello is a great teacher and he is going to help you be well prepared for the AP exam. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. You will never know the true meaning of procrastination until you meet the problem sets. DO yourself a favor and do your homework and problem sets on the days Mr. Cuviello tells you to. If not, you will end up pulling all nighters or having a mental breakdown. DON’T SLACK OFF. If you fall behind in class it is really hard to catch up, missing a full week of AP chem is like missing a whole chapter of the course. Be careful with your absences and pay attention in class. Also, MAKE SURE YOU STUDY! This is not like an honors class where you can do the class work, not study, then pass the test. YOU REALLY NEED TO STUDY. Most importantly look over the old unit tests and the practice problems you did during class. Really try to do the practice AP questions he gives you because they are probably the most helpful for the exam at the end of the year. Like I said before, this is going to be a hard class, but with the determination, good study habits, and paying attention in class, you’ll be fine. GOOD LUCK! J --‐Gabby Bierhorst 22) Remember your summer packet and actually study it, that test will be the easiest test you take the whole year by far. Do not cheat even if all your friends are, the problem sets will help you a lot. Do not come off as a communist, or you will be harassed, and finally do not drop the class, one of the best classes I've ever had. --‐ Cole Besterfield 23) Now that you are entering this class, you must be prepared. This is not an easy class, there is a lot of work and the difficulty of the course is intense. Many things cannot be put off until the last minute so time management is a major factor within this class. Also you have to complete studying on your own. Cuviello teaches you the lesson and then gives you a day or two before the tests to study in class but most of the time that is not enough for excellence on the tests. Take advantage of other study tools that Cuviello provides with you and also use the Princeton Review to properly prepare yourself. Even though this class was difficult, I am happy I stuck through and you will feel this way as well by the end so stick with it, work hard, and most importantly, stay positive and you will have success. Good luck. --‐Amanda Melosky 24) Dear Future AP Chemistry Students, Everything Cuvi says is very very very true (despite grammar errors). If Cuvi says something will help, do it cause it will help. Everything you will do has some purpose later on and will be helpful. Also I know reading all of this is boring but you should do it because it will help. The summer assignment might be a pain to do in the summer but having finished the class I know it was the reason I succeeded. The beginning is super important because everything is just built upon it. Just keep up to date on assignments (especially problem sets) and listen to the due dates Cuvi says. OH! And actually enjoy the class… it will go faster than you think. --‐ Hannah Williamson 25) So I'm one of those people that thought I was gonna die before the year finished but I (barley) survived. AP Chemistry and Cuviello taught me a lot about myself and even though I don't think I did so good on the exam, I learned a lot that will help me out in life. Some stuff you should keep in mind is: • Dont throw away ANYTHING until the summer. Everything you have will help you out for the exam and he might even collect some stuff at the end • You'll hear this a lot but doing the problem set on time and not cheating with actually help you out A LOT. It will make the class a little less hectic • The notecards you make will help you out during the year and theyre a great quick review before the exam • everything cuviello does to help you review is very useful. Dont cheat cause honestly you end up hurting yourself • ALWAYS do the princeton he tells you about before the unit test, they really help and theyre multiple choice questions sometimes • the key to the class is to be organized. You will need to go back and review old notes and test and being organized with all your stuff will help you out in the end Best of luck! And dont doubt cuviello. Even if you dont know what youre doing, he does. --‐Maria Gonzalez 26) The 6 keys to AP Chem are: 1. Do the practice tests and the Princeton Review practice questions. Don't cheat and look at the answer key. 2. Actually take notes in class because they will help you remember how to do FRQs 3. Study for the summer assignment test: it will be one of the easiest test all year if you study 4. Don't doubt yourself, you are learning material 5. Don't worry about your grade despite what you get on tests, if you work, Cuviello will make sure you aren't failing 6. Talk to Cuviello, he will be your best friend. He's hilarious too. However, the most important thing about this course that every chemistry student must realize is why they decided to take the course. I know, for me, I hit a wall half way through the year where I questioned whether this class was right for me. I'm not sure if everyone hits this wall but if you hit a wall as I did, realize a few things. 1. Cuvi is a great teacher, he is preparing you well despite your worries 2. You took this class for a reason, remember that reason, and use it as your chief motivation 3. Although it's a hard class, put the work in, and the rewards will come out 4. You get to brag that you took the 3rd hardest AP class on campus. Have faith, take care, and don't blow up the lab with mystery substances. - Jasmine Myers 27) To my fellow seniors taking AP Chemistry, First of, congratulations on gaining the courage to take one of the most difficult courses at the school. You will probably be one of the only seniors in your class and it is important that you remember one thing: it is okay to feel stressed out beyond your mind over this class sometimes but it is not okay to give up. Senior year you will want to sleep in, or go to school late. With moderation, and responsibility you should be fine. But please do not let it overwhelm you with work after a while, because it will. This class requires you to really tap in to any intrinsic motivation you may have. If you have work after school and do not have time to complete some assignments or study as much as you should, just use that Sunday to your advantage and really focus on concepts you maybe did not understand. Also, one thing I wish I would have taken advantage of is the fact that your teacher will always be inclined to help you with things you do not understand. Ask to stay after class one day or to come during your lunch, he will make sure you do not leave without feeling confident in yourself. When that AP exam comes around the corner, you would have known you tried your best, and hopefully got a passing score. Good luck! --‐Joanna Trabanco 28) Let me start off by saying that this is not an easy class. There will probably be a few students that do well without much effort, but most others will have to spend at least a few hours studying for the tests (or wing it and try their luck that way). The best piece of advice I can offer is to do the problem set as it's taught so you can practice what you learn each day and not forget it. If you actually get the Princeton Review then going over that can help too. --‐Jacob Peterson 29) AP Chemistry is a hard class, but depending on whether you really want to learn, its worth the stress and handwork. DO NOT procrastinate on the Summer Assignment because there is a test … and it will be a huge confidence booster at the beginning of the class. If you procrastinate and not try to study at all, first quarter will be worst than it should be (unfortunately i know this from experience). Understanding the material is key to passing both Cuvi's test and the AP Exam, so don't be afraid to ask questions even though they may seem dumb. MAKE SURE YOUR PARENTS GO TO OPEN HOUSE! Its very hard to explain to your parent why getting a D on a Chem test is not the end of the world, and they'll understand better how hard and time consuming the class is. One last thing you should know is that the College Board hated us, they hate you, and will hate the future AP Chemistry class, don't take it personally. GOOD LUCK! --‐Malik Taylor 30) Hello A.P. chemistry students. There are a few things that you absolutely must need to know for this course. DO NOT leave your problem sets until the night before, you will not finish them and it will greatly impact your grade. I know because I have made that mistake on virtually every problem set. Secondly, to be successful in this course, you must study the material. You may not think so because you have been able to do well in past courses without much effort but it is very difficult to do so in this course. Put the time in and you will be successful. Lastly, do not come into the course a semester late, you will be very behind. Good luck in A.P. chemistry!! --‐Hilmi Mustafa 31) There are a lot of things you really should know. First of all you need to listen to everything that Cuvi says. Everything that he says is very important and it will be beneficial later on. Stay on top of the problem sets that he gives you. When he tells you that you should start these problems, you need to start them! You also have to be willing to study and review constantly. Ignore any grammar mistakes ( because there can be a lot ), they won't matter, all you need to know is understand the chemistry. So with that, good luck. --‐Hailey Baker 32) Don't procrastinate obviously. If you wait till the review periods to actually begin studying then you're screwed for the tests. It's way too much information, at least start studying 3 days prior. But don't think of it as hard core, 3+ hours of studying, think of it as reviewing, refreshing your memory of the concepts you've learned the past couple weeks. It's stuff you already know, you just got to make sure that you understand. See that's they key thing to remember throughout AP Chem, that there's a huge difference between knowing the material and understanding the material. Show every single step in your work too because if you don't show it then you don't know it! Plus Cuviello is a neat (and clean) freak when it comes to showing work on the FRQs. --‐Leann Le 33) TO ALL INCOMING AP CHEM PEOPLE!! Read closely on these words because I'm sure there's going to be several people who was like me coming into the class. Finishing off the chemistry "honors" course like it was a breeze and thinking that you'll do fine in AP because you earned a funny/flattering name for your skills with the low level chemistry that teaches SOOO little in comparison to concepts and in depth knowledge that every section of chemistry taught, really conceals. With that, you go about enjoying your summer vacation, perhaps drink some vanilla mocha frappichinos and visit the beach, and keep telling yourself that you'll get to the assignment eventually. Here's the advice: DON'T WAIT!!! I would have done so much better in this class if I did not procrastinate as much as I did. The first test of the year smacked my mind so hard I didn't know what happened and it was just review. You're expected to be rusty coming back after your breaks but staying on top of the assignments and studying will do you chem noobs justice. So take advice from this senior, this ain't the place for you guys to lighten up if anything, go harder! Unless...you're a freak of nature and created your own element then I'm pretty sure you'll do just fine. That's pretty much all I got for you guys...ummmm yeah words of wisdom. Peace Out!!! Summer Time! --‐Elijah Brooks 34) New AP Chemistry Freaks, You have signed yourself up for some rough late nights of homework you thought would be easy when the questions actually contain a--‐h. You are now in a stress zone and a fun zone all at the same time. You have also signed yourself up for a class with my favorite teacher. He will reference a lot of movies and TV shows you do not know. If you say something funny but Cuv does not laugh, don't feel bad. He only laughs at what he says when he thinks it is clever. Know that people in this class usually never raise their hands because Mr. Cuviello will just call on you, especially when you are not paying attention. Cuv's voice cracks a lot, but if your name is called and it is the loudest crack of the year–like me for this year–feel honored. You will learn that through the hatred of the "stupid" things in this class, they are always important. Especially when they end up being the first question on the actual AP exam. After you take the summer assignment test and you finish the year off, you will laugh at how pathetic your grade probably was on the first test. You will learn that once you really know the material and you see funny chemistry jokes on instagram, you will feel the unity of the AP chemistry students who are also laughing at those same jokes. Do your homework way ahead of the due date and try to do the problems that correlate with what you learn in class everyday. It makes things way easier. Be organized and study as much as possible. Cramming the night before won't do squat for you. Everyone feels like they do bad on tests, but chances are if you studied your brains out, you're good. There will always be that one REALLY smart kid in your class. If you are that kid, congrats you freaky genius. If you are not and you never make Cuv's famous smart person wall, you are still taking a really hard AP class and you have more guts than anyone who is not in it. Don't feel bad if you never make the board. You are still striving and taking an awesome class. Make sure you practice FRQ's with time limits that are like the AP test and do your princeton practice. Most importantly, do what Cuviello says and don't light anything on fire. Enjoy the class and know that if you do bad during the year, just think about how awesome it will be to succeed later. There is always room to grow and improve so don't stress out too much. Keep the peace and neutralization (like a salt bridge). - Gabrielle Dion 35) Don't let yourself go into a test under prepared, and don't over think anything on a test. The class is passable, even though at times you might think its not, it is I promise because if I could pass it, you can. As for dealing with Cuvi, just laugh at his jokes, and let him think he's in charge and you'll become a favorite and get good grades (: Do the annoying reaction worksheets he gives you, and take advantage of the Princeton review book. It WILL pay off. Stay up to date on the problem set and your life will be so much easier. Trust me, I learned the hard way. And lastly, just accept the fact that you are a nerd..you are in AP Chemistry! Good Luck!! --‐Alexa Trout 36) Stay on track in class. When he suggests to do a couple homework problems a night, do it. Don't procrastinate on your problem sets because you won't get sleep the night before it's due. It's okay to fail a test or two in AP chemistry. It's a hard class and you aren't expected to be perfect all of the time. The material isn't always easy, that's why it's an AP class. Good luck this year, Mr. Cuviello knows what he's doing and you're in great hands. --‐Alexandra Desruisseaux 37) Dear Future AP Chemistry Students, First of all, I applaud you for your courage, signing up to take this class. This is not like a previous AP class you may have taken and certainly is not for the weak, it will separate the hard working from the slackers and surely eat you alive if you let it. In the beginning of the year I assumed AP chem was just another class I could study five mins for and get an A; the summer assignment test sure proved me wrong. In order to succeed in this course you must not only memorize the information but master the skills the material requires. Mr. Cuviello is a great teacher but you HAVE to put in the work for the grade you want. You might walk in thinking you can procrastinate and copy others' work homework but I assure you, your test scores will reflect your hard work, or lack there of. Do your homework ahead of time, if you don't understand a topic or need extra help, ask Cuviello, and most importantly, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. You will walk out of his class on test days and feel completely confident that you did NOT pass, especially in the beginning, but trust Cuviello when he says it will get better (and pray for a big curve). I felt like I'd never pass his tests but by the second semester I was and I felt much better about the class. The best thing you can do for yourself, as previously stated, is to keep up with the problem sets; do the parts that you can as he teaches you, it really pays off. Good luck! - Kayla Boyd 38) To all you chemlets out there, Here are my epic words of wisdom from yours truly… Chemistry aint a lie, so don’t screw around. Working with chemicals, stuff might go down. Do the problem sets or else you will be dead Disappoint Cuvi and he may call the feds But don’t feel anxious or afraid The tests might be hard but don’t worry about your grade Cause Cuvi is always there to aid So take the class and play it like an arcade Forget honors chem, its time to make an upgrade I make dumb raps because I feel a little clichéd. Deuces – Keshav Nelavai 39) Dear Future AP Student, No matter what you think, level 5 Wizardry is not a prerequisite for this class. While it helps and the class will be challenging, it can be made easier through proper managing. First of all, do all of the assignments. No, Not just because they are a grade and you are required to do them but because Mr. Cuviello has picked these assignments and made them because they are very important and very helpful. They aren’t just filler. They will prepare you not only for the unit test but for the AP Test. Also the problem sets should be completed over time and split up over several days. This is the easiest and most efficient way to complete them and also the best way to prepare for each test. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! You will hate yourself for doing it if you do choose to be lazy. On one final note I would like to tell you that this class is very passable with the proper work and commitment, you get what you put in. If you put in the effort to get a 1 on the AP Test, don’t expect a 5. With that said enjoy the class and pay attention to Mr. Cuviello because you’ll learn a lot. --‐Tyler Wood 40) This class will be a challenge for anyone that takes it, but to make it easier on yourself, please do the homework assignments, practice tests, flashcards, and whatever else Mr. Cuviello gives you. Also, laugh at his jokes, even if they aren't funny or you don't get the movie references. If you sit on the left side of the room, expect to be talking to Mr. Cuviello a lot instead of getting the try--‐its done, as that is where he sits in the middle of power points. --‐ Hannah Patrick 41) Welcome to AP Chemistry newcomer! Here, you will discover many great things from green fire to double rainbows, and even find out the best acid to dissolve a body in! But be warned, this class will definitely challenge you and probably keep you awake at night from studying and/or nightmares. Also included in this course is anxiety, stress, tears, and a little bit of insanity. Pain is guaranteed. To best avoid the aforementioned bi--‐products of taking AP Chemistry, it is highly recommended that you do not procrastinate on assignments, especially the problem sets. Doing the practice tests also helps prepare you for Mr. Cuviello’s tests and the final (and also rather brutal) AP exam at the end of the year. To completely avoid all the hardships of the course, simply discover the legendary element Alex--‐Perezium! Instant passage of the course will be awarded! I hope you have a great year and have fun doing so! --‐Regan Tam 42) For those future students brave enough for AP CHEM, two words TIME MANAGEMENT. I was able to survive this class due to timing everything out. Even if that was timing to do everything last minute like a king procrastinator (which is funny cause this is actually late). If you don't like your grade in the class though due to your time management, don't procrastinate its magic how much a little more preparation can change the outcome of a test. --‐Nate Jones 43) I’d say it helps to get a clear understanding of the lessons, especially the early ones. Know your charges, and have your solubility rules down cold. These are the foundations for a lot of the work you’ll have to do. Especially in the FRQ’s, it helps a great deal to have a clear understanding of those earlier concepts, since they like to build on them. --‐Tatyanna Villegas 44) Hola future students ! First off Cuvi is a wizard so do EVERYTHING he tells you ! Especially when he suggests you should do the problem set. Honestly don't procrastinate on it cause it's not worth staying up the night before finishing and not having time to study (Guilty as charged for that). This class is the bomb and you won't regret taking it, no matter how hard it may seem it's SO worth it. Good luck this year and may AP scores be ever in your favor. :D --‐Ariel Carregal 45) I guess my first word of advice is to always be on time...it makes things slightly easier for you. Also, if you manage your time accordingly, you'll be able to complete all of the homework (including other classes) without having to pull all--‐ nighters. Be prepared to brew some coffee; and sorry to whomever ends up with my textbook with the small food stains. --‐Cimone Eaton 46) 1) Learn the fundamentals behind the material. For example, instead of knowing the two edge cases for Coulomb's Law, learn the formula, understand the working of why those two edge cases exist, that way you only have to remember one thing, rather than two. 2) Helping teach others how to do problems is the best form of study and practice, try it. 3) Don't turn in your Words of Wisdom after the due date. 4) File for the inclusion of the SI Unit "Shiton" in the great read, Guide for the Use of the International System of Units (SI). It is the quintessential unit for large quantities of "stuff." --‐Wesley “The Professor” Roth 47) --‐ Read over the relevant sections in the Princeton review and answer the questions assigned before every test. --‐The practice test are your best friend learn to love them --‐Keep everything organized there is a ton of material covered in this class and a lot of due dates to keep up with organization is key --‐Spread out the summer assignment to make sure you have adequate time to study up on anything you don't remember how to do. --‐Also keep all the flashcards from the summer assignment you will use the constantly throughout the year. --‐Saadeeq Duncanson 48) My one piece of advice is to do the problem set as you're learning the material and actually do the problems without looking at the solution guide, you'll remember a ton more for tests. ALWAYS listen when mr. Cuviello tells you to look over and practice certain things because there is a 99% chance that it will be on the test. Make sure that you actually study for unit tests or you will fail. The best way to study is to look over the practice test and do the Princeton review problems. Anyone can excel in ap chem as long as you work hard and don't get discouraged by a few bad test grades because it will get easier for you as the year goes on. Just try your best and trust Mr. Cuviello because he's a great teacher and he knows what he's doing. Also try to get the highest grade for each test because there is literally nothing better than seeing your name on cuvi's board for highest test grades. --‐Terra Brown 49) The major thing to know about this course is to not procrastinate with your work and to study for the tests, especially the Final Exam. Actually doing your homework will be extremely beneficial to you in the long term since you will know how to do the problems you will see in your unit test and in the midterm/final exam. This is part of studying for the tests but you should still review last year's test for each unit test so that you can see some example FRQs. Doing well on your unit tests means you understand them, which means you will likely do well on your Final Exam. Good Luck. --‐Tom Downing 50) Oh my goodness. Good luck. I commend you for trying to take this class. It is as hard as you have heard it is but it is also really fun. Cuvi makes the class. He's one of the best teachers you will ever have. Here are some tips to know...DO THE SUMMER ASSIGNMENT. DO NOT FORGET IT. YOU WILL NEED IT DESPERATELY FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR. You can eat in Cuvi's class, he doesn't care which helps daily hunger, especially if your lunch is 7th. Study and study hard for ALL his tests!!! If you thought you did well in Chemistry Honors, well, thats about to change. Trust me. I shined in Chemistry Honors and when I got to AP Chem....well...lets just hope I passed. Good luck on the upcoming year !! --‐--‐ Katt Pittman 51) First of all, if you're not going to do the work, quit now. Otherwise you should be fine and will be prepared for the exam at the end of the year. Stay organized and keep up with the problem set. Don't finish it last minute because you'll forget the material and won't have enough time to complete it. Do the practice tests and Princeton review because they help a ton with unit tests. You will be even more prepared for the exam than we were because you will have more resources than we had. We survived and so will you. --‐Taylor Hendershot 52) My advice is pretty simple, follow the notes, do the homework, and drink coffee (or caffeinated tea). If you are able to absorb the notes and understand the material you'll be able to do the homework and do well on the tests. It's best to do the homework as the lessons are taught, so that way you don't have to stay up all night doing it like I did. The coffee and tea are too keep you awake and alert throughout the course. --‐Caridad Rivas